We have been an efficient and reliable intermodal terminal operator for more than 20 years.

RailTerm has operated specialized intermodal terminals for Canadian Pacific's Expressway service since 1996. Expressway is a scheduled rail freight carrier designed for service efficiency, working in partnership with the trucking industry to serve medium- and long-haul markets. We load and unload highway trailers in dedicated CP terminals located in Milton, Ontario, and in Montreal, Quebec, using custom-designed tractors to circus load trailers onto the non-conventional railcars.

In 2013, we were awarded a long-term hostling services contract with Canadian Pacific to manage domestic container movements within the CP Vaughan and CP Lachine intermodal terminals.

For these yard operations, we employ a staff of 120 people and maintain a 40-unit tractor fleet, performing more than 500,000 containers handlings per year and operating 24/7/365.

Our management team and staff are highly experienced, motivated and dedicated to continuous improvement.

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