Transport Canada-RailTerm Collaboration Leads to Greater Safety and Security on National Railway Network

Dorval, Quebec – May 12, 2017
In collaboration with Transport Canada (Quebec Region), RailTerm is proud to announce that we have put in place an information and communication application that will significantly increase safety and security on the national railway network.

The national railway network was mapped to help identify locations where incidents and accidents were likely to occur. In a Transport Canada-RailTerm joint effort, this map was integrated to RailTerm’s rail traffic control dispatch centre which provides dispatch services to railroads. As a result, Canadians now benefit from:

  • Increased safety at level crossings due to the quick identification of the location of a problem;
  • A one-stop database for crossings across Canada;
  • Efficient communication between railway and safety/security officials, which helps rail companies’ process and address complaints and safety concerns faster.

Railroads must often clarify in minutes the risks and threats to safety on their property. With operations that span hundreds of miles at diverse locations in the country, these companies must act on information coming from different sources, like the police or members of the public.

While the rail traffic control dispatch centre is available 24/7 to answer emergency calls, the information needs to be validated by people not necessarily accustomed to railway infrastructure. “After observing a failure in communication between the police and commuter operations that resulted in a serious train-vehicle collision,” said Robert Gaudet, Transport Canada’s Operations Manager, “I believe this application will enable railways to deliver the best response time to improve public safety. RailTerm is best positioned for this mandate.”

Having identified the opportunity for improvement, Transport Canada gave RailTerm access to the federal agency’s software. “We’re very pleased and appreciative that Transport Canada thought of us for this project,” said Daniel Mongeau, RailTerm’s Vice President of Rail Traffic Control and Regulatory Affairs. “When there are risks or threats to safety on our customers’ property, RailTerm is often the first line of defense. With the new information and communication tools, we can now validate incoming safety-sensitive calls faster.”

About RailTerm
RailTerm is an experienced, safety-focused rail services company with operations in Canada and the United States. We provide solutions for clients’ mission-critical requirements in high-performance track and signal system maintenance in addition to operating intermodal terminals. We deliver turnkey signal, SCADA, communications and software systems from track circuit to control office and everything in between. We are the largest and most technologically advanced third-party rail traffic control dispatcher in North America.

About Transport Canada
The Rail Safety Directorate is responsible for the development and enforcement of regulations, rules, standards and procedures governing safe railway operations in Canada under the Railway Safety Act. As well, it administers federal funding programs designed to improve the safety of highway/railway grade crossings.