RailTerm provides dispatching services to the Chemin de fer Roberval & Saguenay

Dorval, July 14, 2011
RailTerm has been chosen to provide dispatching services to the Chemin de fer Roberval & Saguenay for its ARPA, Grande-Baie and Laterrière subdivisions. Chemin de fer Roberval & Saguenay carries mostly bauxite for aluminum production, from Port Alfred (Qc) to various aluminum smelters in the Lac St-Jean region.

As a diversified rail operations contractor with operations throughout North America, RailTerm provides safe and efficient train dispatching services throughout the United States and Canada. Its clients include freight railways and inter-city passenger and commuter operators.

RailTerm’s goal is to provide services beyond rail industry and regulatory requirements. To do so, highly trained and experienced train dispatchers combined with quality software applications and tools ensure compliance to all personnel and equipment safety rules. RailTerm’s highly customizable computer control and monitoring system that combines CTC and dark territory, the TrainMaster software, integrates all rail operations to fit any client’s business requirements and specific operating rules.

About RailTerm

RailTerm is a diversified rail services contractor with operations throughout North America. They provide custom service solutions to railway operators who wish to outsource mission-critical activities. RailTerm also develops and markets train control software for railways that perform their own dispatching and are looking to upgrade their existing in-house systems.

RailTerm’s objective is to conduct safe, reliable and cost-effective operations from the first day of service in line with class I standards. To perform these key operating tasks, they draw on their expertise in dispatching services, software development, track and signal maintenance, and terminal management, in addition to their experience as a railway operator.