RailTerm to provide track and signal maintenance services to Nylene Canada

DORVAL, January 1, 2010
RailTerm has been chosen to provide track and signal maintenance services to Nylene Canada which operates 27 miles of track in Ontario.

In addition to offering safe and efficient rail dispatch services, terminal management and a state-of-the art rail dispatch software, Railterm also provides comprehensive track and signal maintenance for clients who do not have internal railway engineering and signals departments.

RailTerm's experienced staff provides regular day-to-day maintenance, and manages major installation and repair projects for its clients. To do so, its staff draws on its technical expertise and knowledge of industry standards to develop specifications, prepare tenders and choose the best contractors based on client guidelines.

About RailTerm

RailTerm is a diversified rail services contractor with operations throughout North America. They provide custom service solutions to railway operators who wish to outsource mission-critical activities, in addition to offering a state-of-the-art Rail Traffic Control software; the TrainMaster.

RailTerm’s objective is to conduct safe, reliable and cost-efficient operations from the first day of service. To perform key rail operating tasks, they draw on their expertise in dispatch services, track & signal maintenance, and terminal management, as well as their experience as a rail operator.