RailTerm has moved!

Rutland, May 31, 2011
RailTerm is proud to announce its headquarters for U.S. Train Dispatching Operations in Rutland, Vermont, has moved to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art Train Control Centre only a few miles from its original location off Route 7.

“We have put a great deal of planning and energy into this move and are very excited”, said RailTerm General Manager M.A. Lamontagne. “Rail-Term Corp. decided to make this move in order to accommodate anticipated growth and position us to be able to easily adapt to future changes and innovations within the U.S. Railway Industry”.

Rail-Term Corp’s new location boasts nearly a mile and a half of data/voice cable linking a customized integrated voice communication/logging system that was designed specifically for the unique needs of Rail-Term Corp’s train dispatchers. New dispatcher workstations operating RailTerm’s TrainMaster application are housed in sound-proofed offices. Our entire dispatching office is connected to an upgraded UPS system linked to a new back-up power generation unit.

Our customer contacts and phone numbers remain the same.

About RailTerm

RailTerm is a diversified rail services contractor with operations throughout North America. They provide custom service solutions to railway operators who wish to outsource mission-critical activities. RailTerm also develops and markets train control software for railways that perform their own dispatching and are looking to upgrade their existing in-house systems.

RailTerm’s objective is to conduct safe, reliable and cost-effective operations from the first day of service in line with class I standards. To perform these key operating tasks, they draw on their expertise in dispatching services, software development, track and signal maintenance, and terminal management, in addition to their experience as a railway operator.