Geoffrey Chambers

Founder and Chairman | 514 420-1217 | gchambers@railterm.com

Geoffrey is a seasoned executive with substantial entrepreneurial experience in real estate development and the transportation services industry. His leadership and relationships with key Canadian railway industry players, at the dawning of the "short-line revolution" in Canada, created the opportunity we have been pursuing ever since. Geoff has been active politically and has represented numerous community and industry groups, including serving on the executive committee of the Canadian Railway Club. He is a graduate of Oxford University (BA, MA).

Rob Wheeler

Founder and President | 1(855) RAILTRM ext: 3108 | rwheeler@railterm.com

Rob has been a successful entrepreneur and investor since his first arrival in Canada nearly 30 years ago. He led in identifying the opportunity in rail and in developing our earliest activities. In his present role, he has the senior responsibility for the management of the business. Among his other business and community commitments, Rob has served as Investment Committee chair and Board vice-chair for Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital foundation — a cause to which he is dedicated. A Chartered Financial Analyst, he is a graduate of Harvard College (BA) and The Wharton School (MBA).

François Prenovost

Partner and Executive Vice President | 514 420-1212 | fprenovost@railterm.com

François has provided effective general management, as well as business and corporate development leadership for RailTerm since its beginning. His strong business skills and experience, keen interest in developing people and passion for excellence have made him a natural leader in our organization, to which he became a partner in 2006. François graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal (BA Management Accounting) and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Gilles Richard

Senior Vice President, Maintenance | 514 420-1205 | grichard@railterm.com

Gilles is a respected railway executive with more than 30 years of experience in a range of engineering, operations, planning and senior management roles. He joined RailTerm in 2017 and assumed leadership responsibility for our infrastructure maintenance operations. With an extensive early background at Canadian National, he was most recently Executive VP and General Manager at Rail Cantech Inc. and, prior to that, a senior executive at Quebec Railway Corp. Gilles is an active member of the OIQ (Quebec Professional Engineers Association) and has a degree in civil engineering.

Jason Fries

Vice President, Systems | 1(855) RAILTRM ext: 3104 | jfries@railterm.com

Jason has been responsible for the development of our businesses in advanced railway systems and rail traffic control software. Since his arrival in 2010, he has led our efforts in numerous engineering, design and systems integration projects, as well as in the design and marketing of our TrainMaster software product. With over 20 years in the industry, his expertise includes development of rail traffic control software, SCADA, vital signal and communications systems for railway, subway and LRT. Prior to joining RailTerm, Jason was Manager, Transit for PNR RailWorks and Engineering Manager for Advanced Railway Concepts. Jason is a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET).

Daniel Mongeau

Vice President, Rail Traffic Control | 514 307-1692 | dmongeau@railterm.com

With over 35 years of management experience, Daniel leads our RTC service operations business. Prior to joining RailTerm in 2012, he was responsible for Canadian Pacific's Eastern Network's Operations Centre, supervising a large team including 45 rail traffic controllers. At RailTerm, Daniel is responsible for overseeing customer accounts of 50 railways across North America, including 259 miles of signalled (CTC) territories and 5,700 miles of main track. He is a fully certified CROR trainer, experienced in both of Canada's federally regulated Class 1 railways' operating rules and has won industry awards for development of CROR 2008 and Recertification Training Program 2010.

Sheldon Wisson

Vice President, Intermodal | 905 693-1270 ext: 234 | swisson@railterm.com

Sheldon joined RailTerm in 1996 at the start-up of CPR Expressway. He is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day terminal operations, and has been a key player since day one. Sheldon has over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, including 16 years as a truck owner/operator. He is certified as an engine attendant, car inspector, locomotive safety inspector and in TDG/HazMat, forklift cards, safety, regulatory affairs and fire safety. Sheldon has received numerous awards and certificates for safety and for "Train-The-Trainer."

Johanne Frappier

Vice President, Risk Management | 514 912-8403 | jfrappier@railterm.com

Johanne is responsible for developing policies and practices to identify, evaluate and control the risks we undertake in our daily operations and contractual commitments, and for managing our insurance coverage and other mitigation strategies. Prior to joining RailTerm, Johanne was a Senior Vice President at Marsh. Through the course of her career, she has represented large international clients, including pulp and paper companies, telecommunication firms, a world-famous entertainment group, an international engineering and construction firm operating in 16 different countries, and a renowned Quebec-based newspaper publisher. Johanne has been a guest speaker on several occasions at conferences held by the Insurance Brokers Association of Quebec and the Quebec Risk Management Association.

David McNeill

Senior Advisor | 613 498-9707 | david.mcneill@sympatico.ca

Dave is responsible for directing our business development initiatives in P3 projects. Since he joined us in 2002, Dave has been instrumental in the development of RailTerm’s infrastructure maintenance business. He has over 40 years of experience in the railway industry. Prior to joining RailTerm, Dave was Manager, Quality Control, Signals and Communications and Project Manager, Infrastructure Upgrade at Canadian National Railway (CNR). He was also Quality Control Supervisor at S & C, Eastern Canada and Installation Supervisor at CN & AR Concepts. David was a member of the CNR committees that developed S & C Standards, CN Signal & Inspection Rules (SITR), S & C General Instructions (CNR) and Signal Design Review. He has trained extensively in Signal Systems and completed CNR management courses in Labour Relations, Process Management, Project Management, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Productive Supervision, Investigations and Time Management.

Bruno Houle

Director, Human Resources | 514 420-1204 | bhoule@railterm.com

Bruno joined RailTerm in 2015 with 10 years of experience as a generalist in the field of human resource management. He brings experience from diverse industries and extensive involvement in recruitment, labour relations, health & safety and corporate policy development. Bruno is responsible for the development and oversight of our global human resources approach, which we believe will be a success factor in the current rail industry labour market environment. His organization skills and understanding of best practices are key to preparing our HR support structures for growth. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialized in HR Management, and is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

David Jalbert

Compliance Manager, Safety and Quality | 514 307-1602 | djalbert@railterm.com

David joined RailTerm in 2016 with over five years of experience as Train Master at CN and twenty one years in the armed forces. His prior extensive involvements in safety and training functions have positioned him to be an effective leader for RailTerm and to help us achieve our goals. In his role at RailTerm, David is responsible for ensuring our compliance with law, regulation and best practices when it comes to safety, and to promote and oversee the development of our quality programs.