At RailTerm, we care about our employees and customers. We are serious about our responsibility to be safe. Working safely is our number one priority, from the field to the boardroom. We train our employees on safe procedures and work to ensure compliance - so that everyone goes home at the end of the day without injury.

Management commitment:
We know that our leaders shape the safety culture. We require managers to lead by example and to hold their foremen and supervisors to the same standard. We ask that daily briefings and safety plans be communicated clearly so that our people understand what is expected of them, do the job properly and with awareness and leave work in the same condition as they arrived.

Employee engagement:
We work continuously to build employee engagement with safety. Everyone here is responsible for their own safety and the safety of co-workers, regardless of title or job description. RailTerm employees are encouraged to be passionate about this and everyone is expected to speak up if they see something that isn’t up to our standards.


  • Safety management systems
  • Railway operating rules training
  • Safety awareness and training
  • Health & Safety committees and monthly workplace inspection
  • Daily briefings
  • Efficiency testing
  • Leadership training
  • Risk assessment and hazard reporting procedures
  • Employee engagement meetings and conference calls
  • Safety bulletins and monthly safety emails
  • Employee involvement in safety initiatives


  • Federal Railroad Administration and Transport Canada audits
  • Rule violation and near miss statistics
  • Injury rate statistics
  • Yearly safety statistics recap with business unit leaders
  • COR certification
  • Workplace health & safety records