TrainMaster Software

State-of-the-art custom solution

The TrainMaster is RailTerm’s state-of-the-art, rail traffic control software. This custom Windows™ based software integrates all rail operations and accommodates each client’s operating rules.

An independent rail services contractor, RailTerm has met the industry need for a comprehensive suite of applications to manage various operational configurations.

Key features

  • Easy-to-configure, control topology uses Client/Server design and TCP/IP application messaging, and provides scalable solutions as operational requirements evolve.
  • Seamless CTC, dark territory and yard control integration within a multi-user interface, real-time graphic displays and automated Trainsheets.
  • Built-in simultaneous display of multiple track topologies, subdivisions, railroads, rule sets and user profiles.
  • Multiple Rule Sets (CROR, NORAC, GCOR, NS) Form M and Form D, and customized Form/Rule tailoring services.
  • Real-time online Graphic Displays, Event-Log Reports and logs provide railroad information for non-dispatch users.
  • Multiple language support: English and French available for all interfaces and Forms.
  • Web site support for Incident reporting and interactive Trainsheet management functions.
  • Integrated Environment and Track Topology Editor tailors customer-specific information such as track layouts, permissions, computer roles and rule sets.

Download the TrainMaster Software PDF
(.pdf file | 375 KB)